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Modern Aviator

Sporty’s Electronic E6B Flight Computer

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May be used on FAA Tests

Over 250,000 pilots have trusted Sporty’s Electronic E6Bs over the years for fast flight planning and accurate FAA test calculations. Its pilot-friendly design makes quick work of any navigational, weight and balance, or fuel problem, and it also performs conventional arithmetic calculations. It is invaluable for students and experienced pilots alike. You will never need another aviation computer.

    Backlit screen for night operations in the cockpit
    Built-in storage case protects the screen when not in use
    Large keypad for easier operation in turbulence
    Rubber feet keep the E6B from moving when in use
    Quick reference card


24 Aviation Functions

    Density altitude
    True airspeed
    Required rate of climb
    Crosswind component
    Top of descent
    Fuel required
    Weight and arm
    Plan true airspeed
    Wind correction angle
    Ground speed
    Actual Mach number
    Cloud base

20 Aviation Conversions

    Nautical miles<>statute miles
    Nautical miles<>kilometers
    Avgas gallons<>pounds
    Jet A gallons<>pounds
    In. Mg<>millibars


Deluxe Timer

    Clock with local, home and Zulu time zones
    Count up flight timer
    Count down timer for approaches

Measures 6.25”h x 3.25”w x 1”d. Uses 3 AAA batteries. Five year warranty.