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QuickMate™ follows the tradition of our high-quality, full-color, plastic card checklist. However, QuickMate™ is a 5”x7” plastic card designed specifically for those pilots who have a preference for a checklist with only the most crucial information listed. This “abbreviated” and streamlined format will appeal to those pilots who usually won’t use a checklist at all. It’s quick, and it will allow the experienced pilot to confidently access the highlights of the information needed.

There are differ from other abbreviated checklists in that QuickMate™ gives you ALL the V-Speeds you need to fly.

It also give the best emergency procedures of any single card. The lack of quality Emergency data was the most important reason we felt an obligation to produce an “abbreviated” checklist. Your Emergency procedures are not compromised. QuickMate™ contains the exact same quality emergency information found in our Nationally Endorsed CheckMate ® Checklists.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -