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Hook-N-Pull™ Tie Downs feature closed end "S" hooks made from high quality steel with heavy plating, and tie down bards are made from high grade aluminum, hardened for strength and ball burnished and anodized. Furnished with either 3/8" or 1/2" diameter nylon rope.

  • 3/8" dia. are designed for Light aircraft, Home Builts, and Take-a-long.
  • 1/2" dia. are designed for Heavy Singles and Light to Medium Twins.Tie-down - Measured* lengths:

Low wing & Tail Tie-downs max. reach: 54 inches. (3 ft. Measured)
High wing Tie-downs max. reach of 108 inches. (7 ft. Measured)

All of the Tie-Downs are made with the highest quality 3 strand twisted nylon rope available. Nylon shows excellent resistance to abrasion, rot, mildew, petroleum products, and most chemicals. Nylon also has a slight elastic characteristic which resists shock loads that could otherwise damage aircraft.


Measure to the closest foot, the distance from the ground anchor to the planes point of attachment. Use this foot mark to determine the tie-down length. HINT: Be sure to measure both sides, as the plane may be closer to one anchor then the other.


Hook-N-Pull™ Tie-downs can be shortened by pulling the tie-down bar away from the half knot and tying a third half knot close to the bars new position.