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Modern Aviator

Ceramic Safety Cutter

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They call it the "Safety Cutter" and it's going to make your life a whole bunch easier. It's a little 2-3/8" long x 3/16" thick teardrop-shaped paper slicer with a teensy rust- and dullness-proof ceramic blade that magically cuts through paper and plastic. Perfect for clipping newsprint, cutting wrapping paper, and opening deviously sealed packaging, including the heavy stuff if you press a bit. Even CD cases. The crazy part? Won't cut your fingers or anything else. You could run it right over your hand, press down and everything, and nothing. Really. We tried it on some expendable employees. You know what this means? You can take it on airplanes, which further means that when you get to the coast you'll actually be able to open all the packages full of the stuff you sent ahead.