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Modern Aviator

ASA iPad Portfolio Kneeboard

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The iPad Portfolio Kneeboard is the ideal stylish multitasking kneeboard, binder, and versatile cover. It is functional and durable and protects your iPad in flight and on the ground making it your favorite cockpit companion.
Fits the iPad, iPad 2, and iPad (iPad 3).


  •     The inside sleeve holds your iPad securely on the right side with full access to iPad controls and button
  •     The left side has pockets to store your documents and provides a writing surface
  •     The elastic strap secures the binder-like case to your leg for inflight use and is easily removable for everyday use
  •     The cover folds into a flap to serve as a vertical or horizontal desktop stand providing easy landscape viewing and full keyboard access
  •     Beautiful black leatherette with embossed wings


    Height: 9-11/16", Width (closed) 7-15/16", Width (open) 15-15/16"