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Modern Aviator

AirLite Digital Aircraft Radio Receiver

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The AirLite Digital Radio Receiver allows anyone to monitor aircraft communication. It is a diminuitive 1.6 ounces and also receives AM/FM broadcast radio. It has a large digital LCD screen, with a soft orange backlight. It also has a built in rechargeable battery, so that battery replacement is never necessary.


  •     Aircraft band, with correct 25khz channel spacing so that frequencies such as 134.025 are tunable.
  •     AM/FM clear reception.
  •     Band Scan for active frequencies (allows presets for AM and FM).
  •     Clock and Sleep Timer.


  •     Weight of 1.6 ounces, including earbud headset (45 grams).
  •     Size of 3.5” x 1.5” x 5/16” thickness (90mm x 38mm x 8mm).

In The Box

  •     USB charging cable
  •     Lanyard
  •     Carrying case
  •     Earbud

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -