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Acrobat V-Shirt Unisex

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Designed exclusively for Modern Aviator by Flightwear, the graphic on the front of this shirt displays augmented reality on your mobile device--without an app!

Simply scan the QR code on the sleeve, focus your camera on the front design, turn up your sound and watch the magic unfold!

100% cotton unisex, sweatshop-free and made of USA components. Colors: Black

Be the first kid on your block to sport living AR with this V-Shirt.

The T-Shirt is dead. Long live the V-Shirt!


About our fashion strategy

Flightwear only sells sustainable, ethical garments. Our partners must adhere to strict standards for construction, sourcing, resource and waste management. We require that the workers producing these garments work in a humane, “sweatshop free” environment, and earn a living wage. Our first question to a potential vendor is, “how much of your product is made in the USA?”


If you want to learn more about how these values are expressed by our partners, visit  Bella+Canvas.